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Increase sales of your vape business with BSV Wholesale’s impressive selection of top-quality vape batteries. As the wholesale vape battery shop in Houston, we offer premium products, including the sought-after Lookah Turtle Battery and bulk 510 batteries. Our BSV wholesale vape batteries are designed to meet the needs of retailers, providing reliability and performance at competitive prices. Buy bulk vape batteries and stock up today on high-grade vape accessories. Explore bulk 510 batteries and discover why we are the preferred choice for businesses looking to source the best vape batteries in bulk.


1: What kinds of vape batteries do you sell?

We have different types like rechargeable ones, ones with lots of power, and various sizes and voltages to match different vape devices.

2: Are your vape batteries safe?

Yep, safety is our main concern. We make sure our batteries pass strict tests and come from trustworthy makers known for their quality and safety.

3: Can I get discounts if I buy a bunch of vape batteries?

Definitely! If you’re buying a bunch for a store or just stocking up, we offer good deals for bulk orders. Just reach out to our sales team for the details.

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